Can you feel the HEAT down in your soul?

As you might’ve noticed in my bio, I interned with the Miami Heat. During the first two seasons I “freelanced” by writing stories for and Tip-Off Magazine when it was just Dwyane Wade and co.

Oh, but how things changed.

Pat Riley was able to corral free agents LeBron James and Chris Bosh (as well as bring back Wade), which brought a ridiculous amount of media attention from all around the world.

Remember that welcome celebration shortly after that angered some? I was there.

Here are a few photos I had taken during the introductory video shoot that took place a couple of months later at AmericanAirlines Arena. You know, the one they showed right before announcing the HEAT’s opening lineup that played Phil Collins in the background…


As you can see, LeBron James practices his best Blue Steel with a

dramatic spotlight (symbolic, much?) on him. // Photo by Christina De Nicola

This is what it looked like after LeBron had the spotlight on him. Why

not add some sparks? // Photo by Christina De Nicola

And yet another spotlight, but this time with a creepy wannabe sci-fi

hatch from above about to suck LeBron up // Photo by Christina De Nicola


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