Friends With Kids: What constitutes a chick flick?

Just because “Friends with Kids” has four actors from “Bridesmaids” in it doesn’t mean it follows the same story.

There is no revolting bathroom scene.

The entire cast doesn’t consist of women.

The plot doesn’t revolve around a wedding.

Rather, it’s a portrayal of best friends who decide to have a kid together as they see the friends around them settled down (not what they want) with kids (what they want).

But my questions is this: At what point does a movie become a chick flick?

Is it:

A) The happy ending?

B) The talk of feelings (oftentimes too much for male viewers)?

C) The damsel-in-distress?

D) The (overused) witty best friend?

If these are some of the elements to take into account, then “Friends with Kids” avoids the stigma. Below are some of my quick thoughts on both the good and bad.

Can’t miss!

1) Though I’m not of the same age demographic the movie’s characters are in, I can see it being very realistic. Writer/director/protagonist Jennifer Westfeldt, after all, is the longtime girlfriend of Jon Hamm. They’re not married (and have no kids). Westfeldt rose to acclaim with “Kissing Jessica Stein” and grabbed my attention on the short-lived TV show “Notes from the Underbelly.”

2) I see this movie more in the same vein as “crazy, stupid, love” — see lowercase movie title and dramedy — a film I adored last year. It balanced comedy and drama very well. The same could be said here. The guys at the theater last night were the easiest to hear laughing at certain parts.


1) Overall, the ensemble is superb. Some of the best comedic actors can be found getting screen time. But for Kristen Wiig, it’s strange to find her in such a submissive and underused role. Perhaps that’s for the better… to see her trying something else. In my opinion, it’s just her talent wasted.

2) No offense to Adam Scott (I absolutely adore him in basically everything he’s been in from “Parks and Recreation” to “Party Down”), but is it believable to assume he would snare Megan Fox in a relationship? He was fine acting in the film, but it didn’t seem realistic at times that a short and nerdy-ish guy like him kept going after and getting the busty, ultra-attractive women out of his league.


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