Review: Warm Bodies


Clearly, zombies are the new wizards and vampires.

Whether it be TV’s “The Walking Dead” or film’s “Zombieland,” the undead have found their place in today’s pop culture.

“Warm Bodies,” based on Isaac Marion’s novel, is part “Wall-E,” “Twilight” as well as the previous movies mentioned of its genre.

It’s hard not to think of Stephanie Meyer’s franchise because of a few minor similarities:
1) A zombie, or non-human, falls for a human girl.
2) Teresa Palmer (Daniel Radcliffe’s love interest in “December Boys”) looks A LOT like a blonde Kristen Stewart. Luckily, she doesn’t bite her lip or fidget with her hair.
3) Summit Entertainment also produced this film.

But it’s not a cheesy love story between species. It’s a horror comedy – with less gore than I was expecting – replaced with more heart and laughter.

R, a zombie played by Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men,” “About a Boy”), offers quite a bit of internal monologue, much to the audience’s amusement. Among various topics, he wonders what he used to do for a living – based on his attire (t-shirt, hoodie and jeans) – he believes he was unemployed.

Much like Wall-E, R collects items he comes across – from vinyl records (hey, zombies can be hipsters with great taste in music, too!) to snow globes.

He slowly regains his human qualities (dreaming, speaking) the more time he spends with Julie (Palmer), who he rescued from a zombie attack. When R first laid eyes on her, a love song plays in his head. That is, after he eats her boyfriend’s brain.

As the film progresses, the other zombies begin this transformation. R and Julie connect it to their developing relationship. They want to tell the remaining colony of people, led by Julie’s father (John Malkovich), so that attacks can stop.

Instead of portraying a society once of promise, slowly decaying of hope, “Warm Bodies” offers the opposite.

In the end, the film is more about the state of the human race and what it means to be alive rather than about zombies.

“We bleed, we love… We relearn how to live.”

Bonus: Major League Baseball fans should get a kick out of one of the main filming locations – none other than Olympic Stadium, the former home of the Montreal Expos.

Standout support: Rob Corddry (“Community,” “Blades of Glory”) as R’s zombie best friend with great one-liners; Analeigh Tipton (“Crazy, Stupid, Love.,” “The Green Hornet”) as Julie’s best friend with a knack for gun-toting and makeup artistry.

Release Date: Remarkably, the film doesn’t come out until Feb. 1, 2013 – heck, it doesn’t even have a Twitter account or website attached to it yet!


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