Random Questions: Nationals left-hander Gio Gonzalez

Gio Gonzalez (left) photoshopped onto a Miami Vice image with Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. // Via Instagram

Gio Gonzalez (left) photoshopped onto a Miami Vice image with Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. // Via Instagram

MIAMI — Washington left-hander Gio Gonzalez may play in the nation’s capital, but the 27-year-old could give Pitbull a run for the title of Mr. 305.

Gonzalez is a two-time All-Star who finished third in National League Cy Young voting last year after posting a 21-8 record and 2.89 ERA — his first with the Nationals after four seasons in Oakland.

Committed to play for the University of Miami out of Monsignor Pace High School, he instead signed with the Chicago White Sox as the 38th overall pick in the 2004 MLB Draft.

In the latest segment of Random Questions, which was conducted Sept. 6 during the Nationals-Marlins series, Gonzalez dished on how he represents Dade County.

And offered an accurate prediction of the Hurricanes-Gators game.

RQ: What’s the most Miami thing about you?

GG: My haircut. It’s typical Miami haircut. You’ve got straight fade with the line up or blowout or something. You’ve got that straight blade and straight clean shave, so other than that, for me it’s food. You’ve got to eat some Cuban food while you’re out here.

RQ: Which though?

GG: I eat at this little Cuban restaurant in Hialeah that’s really good and also this Italian restaurant in Hialeah I love eating at. DiPiazza Pizza. It’s unbelievable. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in my life.

RQ: Really? Is it straight-up Italian or does it have a Cuban flavor to it?

GG: It’s Italian-based, Italian family. Places I go to are traditional places. There’s a burger place that is unreal in Miami Springs. It’s called Jr’s Burger. It’s ridiculously good. Anything Hialeah — Cuban food.

RQ: Mentioning the hair made me think… Wasn’t there a photo [see above picture] of you and Stanton…?

GG: Some fan posted it and after that it was kind of fun because I had never seen it.

RQ: Very Miami Vice.

GG: It was very Miami Vice. Let’s see if I have it… [looks for it on his cell] Someone had it up just joking around. That was when the World Baseball Classic came. Someone posted it that we were going to be playing together. When I saw it I was like, ‘I have to show it to him.’ He loved it. [finds the image]

RQ: So what color Miami Vice suit would you rock?

GG: Well, you have to get a white sports coat with like a teal or hot pink. Those are Miami colors. I don’t know why those are the colors…

RQ: Because we can wear white after Labor Day!

GG: We can also design and rock the hottest colors you can think of. Something tropical and poppy. I guess that’s the true traditional way of being a Miamian. With the slacks. You get the same white slacks.

RQ: [laughs] We’re just going to stick with the Miami theme. When was the last time you wore a guayabera?

GG: Oof. In the offseason. I’ll throw in one or two of them, but not too often. That’s something my uncle would wear. My grandfather used to wear that all the time. It’s traditional. It’s something you have to wear.

RQ: And the hat.

GG: And the hat. We’ve got a guy on our team, Pat — our massage therapist — he loves wearing those kinds of styles. It’s what it is. It’s almost a Chicagoan, New Yorker look. It’s really cool.

RQ: So, what’s the score prediction for tomorrow? [Miami vs. Florida]

GG: I’m predicting that the Canes are going to win.

RQ: And why?

GG: Why? Because there’s no loss. There’s either you win or you lose, but I think most likely — my opinion is — I don’t ever want to see the Canes lose.

RQ: The Duke of Coral Gables is going to run all over…

GG: Exactly! We have to take out one of their best players. Nah, I’m just playing. [laughs] It’s going to be a great game. I can’t wait to see that game tomorrow. Hopefully the Canes pull through. It’s one of those things that represents Miami.

RQ: Did you go to the Orange Bowl when you were little?

GG: I did. I did. I used to love the area, especially when [Dan] Marino played there. Got great tradition.

RQ: There was a dolphin in the end zone!

GG: Remember that? And it came out in the movie!


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